The North Country National Scenic Trail

At A Glance

This a hiking path stretching approximately 4,600 miles from Crown Point in eastern New York to Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota. Passing through the seven states including Michigan, it is the longest of the eleven National Scenic Trails. The trail is like a second home to us while we are trekking.

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Whether you’d like to explore this amazing trail down state, in the upper peninsula or both, we’ve got you covered like a mitten.

The Trail traverses through a National Grassland, 10 National Forests, more than 150 federal, state and local public lands; near three of the Great Lakes; past countless farmlands; through large cityscapes; over many rivers. Whether you’re looking to hike just a few miles, or plan a longer overnight backpacking trip, the North Country Trail offers diverse landscapes and hiking opportunities.

In Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the Trail traverses over 500 miles through a variety of small towns, urban areas, state forests and game areas, and the Huron-Manistee National Forest, all while working its way to the Mighty Mackinac Bridge. The Trail: A mix of forest and farm country that primarily follows multi-use pathways and temporary road walks. Hike over lush farmland and tramp the back roads of a part of Michigan where there are so many lakes they are referred to by number.

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the trail changes from a pathway through rural landscapes of rolling farmlands to a wilderness track. The Trail: Passes through large parcels of private and true Wilderness, including the 43-mile Lakeshore Trail through Pictured Rocks, one of the greatest hits of the entire North Country Trail.  


The North Country Scenic Trail