L’Anse Canyon

At A Glance

Canyon Falls is an impressive and easy to visit falls, and the gorge is quite impressive by Michigan standards. A scenic trail along the Sturgeon River to a series of rapids and small waterfalls before you reach Canyon Falls. “Grand Canyon of the UP”. The river slides nearly 30′ over a large chute of smooth black rock into a box canyon.

Back Country Hiking & Sight-Seeing

Canyon Gorge Trail is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near L’Anse, Michigan that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels.

The trail to the falls is about 1 mile over level terrain. Beyond the falls the river has cut a gorge into the rocks, and an unmaintained trail continues along the rim of the gorge. The gorge is quite interesting, especially by Michigan standards. The rock has broken along straight line faults, resulting in a very boxy canyon. Numerous rapids and some smaller drops can be found downstream. Much farther downstream, where Sturgeon Falls is located, the gorge widens and deepens, becoming a mile wide and 300 deep. This is the “grand canyon of Michigan”.


L’Anse Canyon