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The Ultimate Free Range Adventure!

Hello, my name is Skip Summers and I am the Founder and Lead Adventure Guide at Liberty Guides Wilderness Adventures.


Michigan is a wealth of Geological Wonders, Untouched Wilderness, Indigenous People and Pioneer Spirit. Memories of exploring Northern Michigan’s vast wilderness are a gift to cherish for a lifetime.

My childhood adventures are fond recollections of wilderness tradition. As a single parent I know how precious my children’s life experiences, education and safety are to me.  People today often miss out on what life is really about when they sit home playing video games or just by being plugged into modern life in general. It is easy to see how the average person misses out on life when they don’t even know what’s on the other side of their front door. Show your loved ones that real life adventures are what make life so special! This is why I created Liberty Guides Wilderness Adventure. You haven’t lived until you’ve shared some good tunes and grub while reminiscing of the days excitement and adventure. This is the very definition of Privilege.

As a lifelong sportsmen and survival expert I have been privileged to have had many adventures of my own. My adventures range from summiting fourteen 14,000-foot peaks in 14 consecutive days. To vacating black bear out of camp in the middle of the night (on more than a few occasions). In my travels I have been blessed to backpack through Most of Europe, Central America and a good part of the Far East. I’ve rafted my fair share of class five rivers too. I love when I can mix in some hunting or fishing to an adventure, it just makes everything so much more exciting!

In my personal life I am focusing on raising my two wonderful daughters and sharing with them the same blessings I cherish from my own childhood; a simple life of education, and exploration. They are really enjoying country life.

We enjoy year-round sustainable living at base camp and are almost 85% off-grid. We hunt and grow our own food, draw our water from a well and heat our home through subarctic temperatures just like the pioneers did. It is a fulfilling existence and we love every moment!

Through Liberty Guides I passionately look forward to opening a world of exploration and sharing with our explorers a fun packed adventure that will ultimately create fond memories to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Make Every Day An Adventure!